Who Am I?

office, accounting, economy

A numbers guy

I have always been keen on math and numbers. Plus, I'm not afraid to dig into the details and thoroughly love it when things are in order. I've been accused of OCD on occasion. This translates to keeping your books accurate and in balance.


I am a proud US Navy veteran, honorably discharged after serving 6 years.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

My services are delivered on a 'virtual' basis. The work can be done remotely from anywhere so I don't need to be in your office to help you. A definite plus in today's environment.
There is an added dimension to being virtual for me. My wife and I have been traveling throughout North America since 2018. Fortunately, technology now allows for connectivity almost everywhere. We have seen many wonderful sites so far (see map)and there are many more to come. If the border to Canada opens up, the plan for 2021 is to visit Alaska.