You Need A Reliable Bookkeeper That Lets You Focus On Your Business

You did not go into business to do bookkeeping.  You don’t like bookkeeping, so you keep putting it off or you do a minimal job.   Over time, you know less and less about the true position of your business.   Come tax time, you need to scramble and the stress level starts climbing.

You've Come To The Right Place

We can tailor a custom package to meet your exact needs for one low monthly fee. 

I am the best person to help get your bookkeeping in order and keep it there.   

Tax time becomes a breeze.  No worries.
I am committed to helping your business succeed.


What I Do

Get You Online

You know you need to be. The advantages include productivity, accessibility, security, and being paperless. Your competition is on line. Let me get you on line.

Get You Caught Up

Maybe you are on line, but you are way behind. You don't really know how your business is doing. You don't really know your cash position. I will bring the transactions up to date and reconcile your accounts.

On Going Operations

You need to spend time managing your business, now more than ever. Is your time better spent planning how to safely reopen or entering some invoices? I will do the day to day bookkeeping maintenance. You focus on the operation.


The monthly statements are the window into how your business is really doing. I don't just print out statements and send them to you. I thoroughly review all the statements to ensure the accounts are up to date. Next, analyze them to find the real business health. Then schedule a call with you for a detailed review.

Only Pay For What You Need

You do not have to worry about how much your bookkeeping fee is going to be every month. My monthly fixed fee is tailored for your business based on factors such as which services you need, volume of transactions per month, and number of accounts to download and reconcile. Catch up and reconciling past periods is a separate fee.

Get Ready for Taxes

All of the above services lead up to being ready for filing taxes. Your statements are validated, accounts verified, and the information simply needs to be forwarded to your CPA/Tax preparer.

Let's Talk!

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